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A freelance writer for three years, Doug Bonderud is a Western Canadian with expertise in the fields of technology and innovation. In addition to working for the IBM Midsize Insider, The Content Standard and Proteomics programs for Skyword, Doug also writes for companies like Ephricon Web Marketing and sites such as MSDynamicsWorld. Clients are impressed with not only his command of language but the minimal need for editing necessary in his pieces. His ability to create readable, relatable articles from diverse Web content is second to none. He has also written a weekly column for TORWars, a videogaming website; posts about invention and design for InventorSpot.com and general knowledge articles for WiseGeek. From 2010-2012, Doug did copywriting for eCopywriters.com. Doug is currently a municipal police officer, on track to become a fantasy/sci-fi author.

Written By Douglas Bonderud

Infection Immunity: Has Banking Trojan Emotet Outsmarted Itself?

The Emotet banking Trojan is making a comeback with new features and functions — but has the malicious code outsmarted itself?

New Ransomware Attacks: LockCrypt Emerges From Satan’s Shadow

Ransomware attacks are getting worse — the new LockCrypt variant uses brute-force RDP to infect devices, remain persistent and defeat antivirus defenses.

Anonymity Gone Awry: New TorMoil Vulnerability Leaks User IPs

A new vulnerability called TorMoil exploits a browser flaw to bypass security relays and expose real IP addresses belonging to Tor users.

New Bitcoin Malware Attacks Copy and Paste Their Way to Co-Opted Currency

A new set of bitcoin malware attacks known as CryptoShuffler generates income for fraudsters by infecting device clipboards to replace wallet IDs.

Don’t Panic! Create a Winning Cybersecurity Strategy to Preserve CISO Sanity

To deal with the daily pressures of the job, CISOs need a cybersecurity strategy that promotes cross-departmental collaboration and clear communication.

Reaping the Benefit? New Botnet Exploits IoT Security Flaws

The new IoT_Reaper botnet has already compromised more than 2 million devices by exploiting existing IoT security flaws.

Sniffing Out Snoops to Improve Network Security for Business

In a recent survey, security professional and executives admitted to snooping on enterprise data. How can companies improve network security for business?

No Macros? No Problem for New Malware Attack

Security researchers discovered a new malware attack that exploits Dynamic Data Exchange, an outdated Office feature, to infect corporate devices.

Agencies, Assemble! NIST and DHS Join Forces for BGP Security

The DHS and NIST launched a new SIDR framework to help organizations bolster border gateway protocol (BGP) security and minimize border gateway attacks.

What the Shell? New Security Breach Uses CHM Files to Cover Banking Trojans

A new banking Trojan is using old PowerShell tricks to hide its activity from detection tools by continually launching malicious CHM files.