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A freelance writer for three years, Doug Bonderud is a Western Canadian with expertise in the fields of technology and innovation. In addition to working for the IBM Midsize Insider, The Content Standard and Proteomics programs for Skyword, Doug also writes for companies like Ephricon Web Marketing and sites such as MSDynamicsWorld. Clients are impressed with not only his command of language but the minimal need for editing necessary in his pieces. His ability to create readable, relatable articles from diverse Web content is second to none. He has also written a weekly column for TORWars, a videogaming website; posts about invention and design for InventorSpot.com and general knowledge articles for WiseGeek. From 2010-2012, Doug did copywriting for eCopywriters.com. Doug is currently a municipal police officer, on track to become a fantasy/sci-fi author.

Written By Douglas Bonderud

Risky Routers? New Malware Attacks Leverage Popular Hardware by Proxy

New malware attacks are using popular router hardware to carry out proxy-based credential stuffing. Admins should regularly install firmware updates.

Speedy Security Breach: Threat Actors Develop Apache Exploit Within Hours of Disclosure

Even with a patch available for the new Struts vulnerability, threat actors developed new exploits within hours and coordinated security breach attacks.

Quantum Data Protection: The Birth of an Unhackable Box?

CalTech researchers created a chip-sized unhackable box, which represents a significant step forward in the field of quantum data protection.

Poor Password Policy? New Study Probes Prevalent Protection Problems

A new study found that most web services have poor password policy. What's the prescription for these protection problems?

Cloud Security and the New Cold War: Corporate Strategies for Winning Digital Battles

Companies and governments around the world must test their cloud security capabilities to keep sensitive data safe from hacktivists and cyber enemies.

UK Data Protection Bill Introduces Post-Brexit Security Plans

Brexit is coming, and the British government recently released a Statement of Intent regarding its new U.K. data protection bill.

Speared! Malicious Emails Phish Up Russian Enterprise Backdoors

A new spear phishing campaign leverages a series of malicious emails to target and compromise Russian-speaking enterprises via hidden backdoors.

How to Shake the Hook After a Phishing Attack

Is a phishing attack really so advanced? New research suggested that threat actors are lazy and reckless, giving users a chance to shake the hook.

Bugging Out: Fruitfly Malware Swarms MacOS Users

A new strain of FruitFly malware has infected hundreds of users, possibly over the last 10 years. The malware is insidious, spying on MacOS users.

Rapid Revision: New CryptoMix Strains Picking Up Speed

New variants of CryptoMix malware are quickly making the rounds, holding files ransom and demanding victims fork over the bitcoin.