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George Moraetes

VP, Chief Security Officer and Architect, Securityminders Corporation

George Moraetes is one of the leading information security practitioners with over 20 years of industry experience. He currently serves as the VP, Chief Security Officer and Architect of Securityminders Corporation. In this role, he provides consulting services for Fortune 500 clients, federal and state governments in multiple management role engagements. He is responsible for strategy development, designing and implementing security architectures and overseeing security infrastructure implementations.

Written By George Moraetes

Things to Consider When Calculating the Return on Security Investment

The return on security investment is a crucial calculation to help CISOs demonstrate risks in business terms and gain executive buy-in for security tools.

Quit Your Day Job: Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap With Freelance Security Professionals

Hiring freelancers can help companies close the cybersecurity skills gap, reduce overhead and infuse a fresh perspective into the organizational culture.

Security Awareness Training Is a Team Effort

To promote security awareness throughout the organization, CISOs should invite employees in disparate departments to help design training materials.

Don’t Let Organizational Politics Derail Security Initiatives

For IT professionals, gaining executive buy-in for information security initiatives requires masterful navigation of organizational politics.

The CISO’s Guide to Minimizing Health Care Security Risks

CISOs must possess skills and expertise in multiple areas to combat health care security risks in this age of ransomware and connected medical devices.

When Responding to a Data Breach, Cooperation Is Nine-Tenths of the Law

When responding to a data breach, the CISO must work closely with the legal department to minimize the risks of litigation and reputational damage.

The CISO’s Guide to Managing Insider Threats

To effectively manage and remediate insider threats, the CISO must establish a comprehensive approach to governance, data analysis and incident response.

Why Machine Learning Is an Essential Tool In the CISO’s Arsenal

To protect their networks from malicious insiders, user negligence and other threats, CISOs need advanced machine learning capabilities such as UBA.

Hire a Team of Hackers to Identify Vulnerabilities

Many companies have adopted the practice of recruiting a team of hackers to poke holes in their networks and assess their incident response capabilities.

Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?

Given the sensitivity of data and the rising volume of cyberattacks across the globe, government agencies have deep concerns about cloud security.