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Julian Meyrick

Vice President, IBM Security, Europe

Julian Meyrick is Vice President for IBM Security Europe, the fastest-growing enterprise IT security company in the world. In his leadership role, Julian helps clients in Europe develop a security strategy and employ the best technologies to meet their specific IT security needs. He is responsible for leading the IBM Security Europe team in the development and delivery of software and services offerings that protect enterprises with intelligent, integrated IT security solutions and expertise.

Written By Julian Meyrick

From the Battlefield to the Security Operations Center: A New Collar Approach to the Skills Gap

Many companies, including IBM, are taking a new collar approach and recruiting ex-military personnel to fill woefully understaffed cybersecurity positions.

Security in Banking: Are You Facing the Right Direction?

The financial industry’s increasing dependence on advanced technologies has two major implications. First, the financial companies that adopt these technologies are able to leverage new and improved services, solve legacy issues and introduce...