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Mark Samuels is an experienced business technology journalist with an outstanding track record in research. He specializes in the role of chief information officers (CIOs) and is adept at helping executives understand the business benefits of complex technologies. Key areas of interest include innovation, digital transformation, cloud computing, mobility, information security, ecommerce and big data. Mark has written articles for national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times. He has also produced features and columns for a range of IT trade publications, such as Computer Weekly, ZDNet, Tech Republic, IT Pro, Channel Pro, CBR and The Register.

Written By Mark Samuels

Security Vulnerability Puts Linux Kernel at Risk

A security vulnerability in the Linux kernel could allow external attackers to escalate privileges and execute malicious code.

RSA Key Insecurity Places Business Data at Risk

Researchers found that TPM chipsets manufactured by Infineon create weak RSA key information, which could enable fraudsters to compromise corporate data.

Sloppy Business Behavior to Blame for Cloud Security Leaks, Survey Reveals

A recent survey by cloud security firm RedLock attributed the rise in cloud data leaks to inadequate policies, lack of compliance and other poor practices.

Cybercriminals Use Legitimate VMware Binary to Create New Malware Threat

Cisco Talos discovered a new banking Trojan that exploits an authentic VMware binary to hide its malicious activities from security researchers.

As Cybersecurity Awareness Increases, Information Sharing Lags, Survey Shows

Although more than three-quarters of company directors reported a rise in cybersecurity awareness, only one-quarter actively share threat information.

Ransomware Threat Means IT Managers Cannot Afford to Get Locky

Locky ransomware is a rising threat again as millions of spam emails have been sent out in a new series of attacks.

Businesses Must Innovate to Ensure High Levels of Data Protection

IT decision-makers must develop a strong cybersecurity strategy that uses analytics and innovation to create an integrated approach to data protection.

New Banking Malware Poses Fresh Risk to Android Users

A new banking malware called Red Alert 2.0 poses a significant threat to Android users. The Trojan leverages third-party apps to steal data.

Businesses Must Upskill IT Professionals to Win the Cybersecurity Battle

Too many businesses are not making the most of the capabilities of their existing IT professionals and are failing to provide high-quality training.

Disclosure of 10 D-Link Zero-Day Flaws Raises Huge Router Security Concerns

Router security fears have prompted a researcher to recommend that members of the general should disconnect their D-Link 850L routers from the internet.