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Ravi Srinivasan

Director, Strategy and Product Management

Ravi directs the IBM identity, access and cloud security strategy and product management based in Austin, Texas. He has over 16 years of experience in product management, market strategy, and development in software and services industries. Ravi meets and consults with senior management, lines of business owners and IT operations management around the world on their key security, risk, and compliance initiatives. Prior to joining IBM in 2008, Ravi held several product management, marketing and development roles at Synopsys and Texas Instruments.

Written By Ravi Srinivasan

Digital Transformation Means Infusing Identity Everywhere

A secure digital transformation requires IDaaS solutions that enable IT to support business mandates without compromising the user experience.

Securing Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud and Mobile

As traditional perimeter defenses prove to be inefficient in the era of the cloud and mobile, organizations are focusing on securing the digital identity.

What Leading Analysts Are Saying about IBM’s Acquisition of CrossIdeas

IBM recently acquired CrossIdeas to add to the next generation of identity and access governance. Here's what leading industry analysts say about the move.

Threat-Aware Identity and Access Management: Marketing Hype or the Real Deal?

Threat-aware identity and access management tools have the advanced capabilities necessary to protect an organization's business-critical data.